Source code for dgenies.lib.fasta

[docs]class Fasta: """ Defines a fasta file: name of the sample, path to the fasta file, type of file (URL or local file), ... """ def __init__(self, name, path, type_f, example=False): """ :param name: sample name :type name: str :param path: fasta file path :type path: str :param type_f: type of file (local file or URL) :type type_f: str :param example: is an example job :type example: bool """ self._name = name self._path = path self._type = type_f self._example = example is not False
[docs] def set_path(self, path): """ Set path to the fasta file :param path: new path :type path: str """ self._path = path
[docs] def get_path(self): """ Get path of the fasta file :return: fasta path :rtype: str """ return self._path
[docs] def set_name(self, name): """ Set sample name :param name: new sample name :type name: str """ self._name = name
[docs] def get_name(self): """ Get sample name :return: sample name :rtype: str """ return self._name
[docs] def get_type(self): """ Get type: URL or local file :return: type :rtype: str """ return self._type
[docs] def is_example(self): """ Return if current sample is an example data :return: current sample is an example data :rtype: bool """ return self._example